The following programs help students explore different career options and apply for unique employment opportunities, including co-ops and internships.

If you know of any other relevant programs, please contact us.  


If you're a teaching professional or contemplating becoming one, Oxford Seminars are holding several information sessions in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto covering topics of interest for anyone considering teaching English overseas.  Click here. 

Finding a job can be hard, but it's likely you have more skills and experience than you realize. Whether you're choosing a career or looking for a part-time job, the Ontario Government offers resources that can help you on your way. Click here.

What careers best suit your abilities? After taking a series of aptitude tests on this site, you'll receive a detailed career guidance report and a description of careers that are suitable to your abilities. Click here.

Want to learn more about a specific career? This site analyzes hundreds of different careers, focusing on the nature of the work, the employment outlook, training, compensation, and working conditions. Click here.

Want to know how much money a lawyer makes, or even the President of the United States? This web site lists the average salaries for 250 different careers in US dollars. Click here.


Canada WorkinfoNET is a web site directory that helps Canadians connect with job opportunities, occupational and career information, financial help, employment trends and outlooks, education and training, self-employment information, and workplace issues and supports. Click here.


Do you have the necessary skills for your career? This free site has several career-related tests that focus on management style, career advancement, leadership, and procrastination. Click here.


Each month Job Web's editorial team scours the headlines to find what matters most to college students and new grads - and they put it right here! This site provides an online career fair that can be toured, as well as help with resumes and interviews. Click here.

JOB SEARCH ENGINES  is a premier Canadian career and jobs site, offering over 3,000 job listings free to the job seeker. From student to CEO, this site features content and tools to help you identify and find the job you want. Check out their career center for help on how to find a job. Click here.


This site claims to be Canada's biggest job site It is a well-designed site that makes job searching easy. Click here. offers access to one of the largest searchable commercial database of jobs and careers available online. This means that you have more job options from more employers in more locations. Click here.


This site provides listings of jobs, work or business opportunities phoned into Human Resources Centers of Canada by employers around the country. So if you are a student looking for a summer job or just graduated and want a full time job then this is the place to go. Click here.


Career Owl, is a job site that is open to all, including recruiters and job seekers. It has links to additional job boards, salary information, and many job postings. To link to this site, click here.


One of the coolest job search engines ever, all you have to do is click on your province of choice and up pop all the job postings in that province for the previous months. This site daily re-indexes more than 15,000 job offers from more than 200 Canadian sites .It also provides postings from company web sites. Click here.


Use the Ontario Government job posting web site to search for Government jobs in many different fields. Click here.


Why not post your resume in 1500 career web sites, all you have to do is send it to all Canadian jobs. While their why not take a look at the job postings available. Click here.


Don't want to move away from the city in order to get a job then why not look at what is available in Toronto. Click here.


This web site is constantly being updated with job postings available in the Toronto are, so why not check it out and see if there is a job for you. Click here.


Canada Jobs has numerous Canadian clients that are looking for qualifies individuals like you, so why not give their web site a look. Click here.


Are you looking for new high tech job in Toronto? If so, then Toronto has an extensive database with hundreds of the hottest IT related job opportunities in Toronto. Click here.


An online form-based employee search bulletin board. Simple and efficient system, making your job visible to potential applicants. Complete the online form so their online community of job seekers will be able to view your ad within 1 business day. A hot web site were, you can find yourself some hot Canadian jobs! Click here.


An extensive directory of sites that post Canadian job openings: national employment sites, regional employment sites, and career-specific job sites. Click here.


Explore hundreds of different career areas online, learn about current market trends, find out the best way to market yourself, and of course discover the hidden job market all by clicking on the following link. Click here.


This site provides job postings and information about job fairs, newsgroups, and company employment sites. Click here.


Canada's national career newspaper brings you over 1,000 new job listings from across the country every week. Contact recruiters and search firms across Canada. Discover quality Canadian career books and directories. This directory of books gives you a guide on who is hiring in Canada. Click here.


This site provides career and job listings for Canada. You can also post resumes, find employees, and set up confidential e-mail alerts about openings that match your needs and qualifications. Click here.

Need help getting your dream job? This web site covers every aspect of the job hunt, from writing your cover letter to what you should wear in an interview. Click here.

Do you want to find a job? Find out what jobs are available and then post your resume online at for millions of future employers to view. Click here.

How would you like to earn $100,000 per year? This search engine lists available jobs that pay that amount, allowing you to apply or simply get a better idea of what those employers are looking for. Click here. 


Ever have the problem of not getting the job you want because you don't have experience? Well try an internship that will give you the experience to get the job you want. Are you a recent high school, college, or university graduate? We can help you find  a 6, 9, or 12 month internship to get the experience you need! Click here.

Are you a university, college or high school graduate with little or no relevant work experience? These paid internships provide the skills and experience needed to become more marketable in the workplace. Click here.

This program provides young Canadians, between the ages of 15 and 30, with a paid internship for 9 months within the federal government. Gain valuable experience and develop your work skills. Click here.

Search for paid and volunteer, academic and non-academic internships around the world. Click here.


Are you interested in pursuing a co-op program in the construction industry? If so, then check-out the eight-week programs offered by Local 183. Students from various school boards receive in-class and on-site instruction with contractors covering several different trades. For more information, contact Local 183 at (416) 242-7551 or your high school guidance counselor.

The Public Service Commision of Canada, provided by the Government of Canada, allows you to search Co-op Programs throughout Canada, by university/college, province, and city. Click here.

This website provides an insight to the Co-op Programs provided by the University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus. It gives detailed information regarding the benefits of a Co-op as well as guidance for such programs as Co-op: Humanities, Mathematical/Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Management. Click here.

This site provides detailed information on Co-op Programs at Seneca College (Faculty of Business and Faculty of Technology). Online applications for Seneca College and Financial Aid information are also provided on the main Seneca site. Click here.

This City of Toronto site provides information on the potential Benefits to a Student and to an Employer while participating in an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Co-op education Program, in which high schools and communities cooperate to provide a unique learning environmet for students. The Ministry of Health outlines different internal/external programs offered. Click here.


University of Toronto Job Site lists vacancies for information professionals in areas included in the Faculty's curriculum: library and information science, archival studies, records management and information systems. Click here.


Search over 300 job sites in one click! FREE job search manager! Their job search covers more job sites at one time than anyone else. You can store all your information on companies you want to apply with and schedule your follow ups and interviews. You can even be reminded by pager! Search 3,000,000+ Jobs! Click here.


Science Outreach is a student-driven, not-for-profit organization at the University of Toronto.  This award-winning program is well-respected throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Our aim is to inspire young minds in the areas of science, engineering, mathematics and technology by showing them that these areas are both fun and exciting! In July and August Science Outreach hosts science and engineering day-camps at the St. George (Downtown Toronto) Scarborough, and Mississauga campuses of the university. Science Outreach offers a rewarding and unique summer experience for energetic and enthusiastic young people interested in promoting science and engineering in a fun and positive way. Click here.

If you are a full time high school, CEGEP, college, technical institute or university student, you can apply for summer jobs with the federal government. Learn about opportunities available with various departments and apply online. Click here.

Aimed at students aged 16 and 17, this 6-week program provides students with the opportunity to practice their second language skills and work in a province other than their own. Click here.


Looking for a part-time job, well maybe you can find one here. Search by province, city, and the type of job you are looking for. Click here.

This project hires students and recent graduates of information technology programs to work in CFS repair centres throughout Canada. Find details about the job description, compensation, and application process. Click here.


Have you ever thought about moving to Atlantic Canada if so then this web site will provide you with a list of jobs available in this part of the country. Click here.

Another great web site for those interested in working on the East Coast. Click here.


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